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About Us

Our Vision & Mission

Dove Designs' desire is to help women and children who have been rescued across the globe from human trafficking and sexual slavery through the selling of exclusive handcrafted items, designed by the Dove Designs team.  


Our dream is that, through our efforts, we will be able to provide rescued women with a safe place to live, food, counseling, and training, as well as a way to provide financially for themselves, their children, and their families by becoming a Dove Designs team member.


This will entail learning how to design Dove Designs' unique products as well as marketing in their own cultural crafts. We hope that, in doing so, these women will be able to provide income for themselves and their families without being coerced into prostitution, that is, selling either themselves or their children in the human trafficking trade.


As we progress, we hope to find other projects that are led by God, such as building orphanages, churches and, of course, Rapha Houses!

Dove Designs Team: Tina, Teresa, Katrina, Serina

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