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I'm a Modern Day Abolitionist

Posted by Tina kadolph on October 8, 2013 at 10:15 PM Comments comments (193)

As I pray about the horrors of human trafficking, my heart is always heavy.

God does not want his children to be raped, drugged, beaten, and sold for sex. He does not want his children to have all their human rights ripped away from them. He doesn’t want for them held in the bondage of slavery.

It is beyond my comprehension that there are people who would do these horrors to women, men, and helpless children.

The United Nations definition is: “Trafficking in persons as the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring or receipt of persons, by means of the threat or use of force or other forms of coercion, of abduction, of fraud, of deception, of the abuse of power or of a position of vulnerability or of the giving or receiving of payments or benefits to achieve the consent of a person having control over another person, for the purpose of exploitation. Exploitation shall include, at a minimum, the exploitation of the prostitution of others or other forms of sexual exploitation, forced labor or services, slavery or practices similar to slavery, servitude or the removal of organs.”

I have an organization that is fighting human trafficking. “Love Missions” which has two safe houses and will soon house up to 40 children. When you look in the eyes of a child that has been trafficked you will never be the same. And you will never be able to again look the other way.

My prayer is this: that everyone will join together and help take a stand against this horrible evil. I feel it is the very darkest there is.

But we know where there is darkness, all it takes is a little light and it cannot be dark any more. Jesus says we are the light. So if we will go into the dark places and shed the light of Christ into the darkness we can expose this evil with Jesus’ love.

So let’s pray for more awareness.

Let’s pray for the demand to end. There would not be human trafficking if there wasn’t a demand.

Let’s pray for the victims of child labor and let’s pray for the victims of child trafficking.

Let’s pray for all victims to be rescued.

Let’s pray that all victims will be restored.

Let’s pray for justice for the traffickers.

Let’s pray for repentance of those who hurt, rape, torture, and abuse children, women, and men.


That’s why I’m a modern day abolitionist and why you should be too!


My Plans ~ But God's Plan Prevails

Posted by Tina kadolph on February 18, 2013 at 10:05 PM Comments comments (3)

“Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.” ~ Proverbs 19:21 NIV

All through my life, I’d have to say that I’ve made my plans and God almost always redirects them. I see this over and over again since I started leading mission trips. I make all the plans, think of everything I could possibly think of...and God thinks of something better. Go figure. But I love how He not only changed my plans, but also turned my world upside down (in a good exciting and wonderful way)!


When I think about my life, and where I came from, I never thought God would be a part of me or any part of my life. I had my life all figured out, and He wasn’t a part of it.


I was a broken, hurt, little girl, who grew up to be a broken, hurt, hopeless, angry, and bitter young woman. I figured people had hurt me and used me, so I would stay distant from all people and God. I thought I would become an airline stewardess and travel the world and never get married. Men were not trustworthy. I would never need or want one of them. I didn’t know it at the time, but I think back now and realize that I didn’t think God was trustworthy. If He was there, where was He when I needed him most? I wasn’t brought up in church, and really knew nothing about God except what I heard from others now and then. But I did know that I didn’t need Him or want to know more.


I had all my plans made for my future. But God had other plans. He was working behind the scenes. He does that, you know.


So, to make a long story short (maybe...LOL), I met my husband Carl. He had been brought up in church even though, at the time we met, he had drifted away from it. But he saw something in this insecure, broken, young girl that was worth pursuing.


We dated for 3 years, and it was a hard 3 years. I tried to push him out of my life many times. I figured that he would only end up hurting me in the end, so I might as well get rid of him before he did it to me. But, he never gave up on me. It was through his constant love that I thought maybe I’d want to know more about this God.


Carl told me that we had so much in our relationship and that he loved me, but that we were missing one important part. He wanted God in our relationship. So we started going to church and I accepted Christ at the age of 21. Carl renewed his relationship with God, too. It still took about ten years of God mending my broken heart and putting the pieces back together before I really grabbed a hold of what He had to offer and ran with it. As Elisha did, I have been burning my plows (old life) and running towards God and whatever he has for me.


Oh, when I think how I had my plans! My plans were no God and to stay broken and bitter. Wow, the redirection God has done! As Psalms 34:17-19 says, “The righteous cry out, and the Lord hears them; he delivers them from all their troubles. The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. A righteous man may have many troubles, but the Lord delivers him from them all.”


I really began to realize that all my broken heart needed was the pieces to be put back together. The cross was the only way to fill the empty hole that was there. Only the cross (Jesus) could fill the hole and fix the brokenness!


So, the short version: Carl and I married and we had two beautiful daughters. He became a pastor. We started a mission organization, “Love Missions”, and have been a part of leading thousands to Christ. God has now added "Dove Designs" to our missions to help aid the fight against human trafficking. We have two safe houses for women and children.


And we just don’t stop! When God opens a door, we run through it. When he shuts it, we stop. But, as of now, we are running and loving every minute and opportunity God has given us to further His kingdom. God knew what He was doing when he put us together. Again, He had plans for us both.


I thought I would be a stewardess, traveling the world for myself. Well, I do travel the world, but for my Lord. What a redirection! His plans have so prevailed, I’d say! What a blessing. I’m so thankful God sees us as his precious daughters and he wants to rescue us – even from ourselves. He rescued me and now He allows me to be a part of rescuing others. How amazing is our God!





Are You Wired?

Posted by Tina kadolph on February 11, 2013 at 7:10 PM Comments comments (3)

Quit taking control. God wants His job back.

If anyone would ask me if I was a control freak I’d honestly have to say…. Sometimes, depending on the circumstance. So, I took the quiz that was in our bible study “Let It Go” Chapter 1.


In the quiz I tested out at 28, which scored me in the middle. It says “You vacillate between being agreeable and easygoing at times and, in some situations, wanting to take charge”.

I’d say that what I thought about myself was right. I do go back a forth.

The thing is, even though I’m not the bossy type, I realized that I have a big problem with giving God control.


I know I want to give God control. But I think there is a part of me that doesn’t trust Him to have control.


After the quiz, I was thinking about this and there are probably many reasons for us wanting to control. As Karen Ehman says in her book, “Let it go.” "Women are just wired that way. We have a family to run and make sure everyone is where and when they should be. Agenda’s to figure out, meals to schedule, school events, church events, sports, oh, and work, etc. etc. It is easy for us, when it comes to other things in our lives, to just take control.” We can even think we are taking control for good reasons like our food, exercise, our finances, etc. But, again, when we are not trusting God, we take things into our own hands. Then, there are past hurts; you control to protect yourself, not trusting others, and this, as I said above, may even be God. Yes, I know we aren’t suppose to say we don’t trust God. But I think there are many of us that say with our mouth we trust Him. But then in our actions we don’t. We are not alone. There are women who are perfect examples of this in the bible so we are in good company.


One Good example in the bible is Sarai, Abrams wife. God had made promises to Abram that he would make his descendants into a great nation. God had said to Abram “You will have a son of your own and everything you have will be his. They both had seen God’s promises come true. They had gone where God told them to go and had faith even though they didn’t know where he was going to send them. They packed up and left as God directed. They left nothing behind to return to.

But then, when they settled, Sarai still didn’t have children. So she decided to take control. She decided that she had a better plan than God. SHE TOOK GOD’S JOB.

Have you done this? Got tired of waiting on God? Thought that He must have forgotten what you prayed for? "He must be too busy right now, so I’ll do it on my own, my way?"

This was Sarai! To make a long story short, Sarai gave the servant Hagar to her husband so she would get her a child one way or the other. Crazy, huh? But sometimes we do some crazy things to keep control. Or we think it is control but we are actually out of control. So once Hagar was pregnant what did she do? Was Sarai happy? Excited that she would have the child she wanted? Isn’t this what she planned for? Again, when we take control and we think we will have it just the way we want, it usually backfires, even when we think we are taking control for a good reason. It's like Sarai… She really thought having a baby would be the best thing for her life. But when it falls apart who do we blame? Ourselves? Well let’s look at the Bible again.

Gen. 16:5 says, "And Sarai said to Abram, “May the wrong done to me be on you!" What? The wrong done to her? She is the one who took matters into her own hands. Now, she blames Abram and Hagar. We take the control we thought we wanted and then we are still not happy. So then, we want to put the blame on someone else.

Do you see yourself here? We take God out of the picture and then when things don’t work out we start the blame game. Does this remind you of someone else?

Gen. 3:11-13--Remember Eve blaming the serpent for eating the apple? First, Adam said, “It was the fault of the woman that YOU gave me." Then Eve said that it was the serpent’s fault. We don’t want to admit that we made a bad decision and took control away from God.


So, why do we think we can do God’s job? Let’s learn to trust the One whoknows us better then we know ourselves. Then, let’s let God have his job back and let’s do ours. What is our job? Well that is seeking Him and His desire for our lives. Letting Him have control. I know it’s been way too long trying it my way. And it never works when I do it my way. So I’m ready to let go! How about you?






Posted by Tina kadolph on January 17, 2013 at 8:45 PM Comments comments (1)

"Whoever can be trusted with little can be trusted with much!" Luke 16:10a

Are you faithful with the little? Do you really want the much?

I think we feel at times that the little is all we can handle, so we hold ourselves back from the “Greater” God has for us. As we ask ourselves this question, we might think, "What will the “much” require?" It can be scary to move into the unknown. What if God asks us to do something crazy? It is just easier to stay where I am, doing what I know.

So, we are happy to live our lives with the little, yet still yearn for the much.

I love adventure! But I have many friends that don’t. My favorite adventures are the ones with God! Really, those are daily! But, for me, when I go on a mission trip, it is so exciting for me because it is a new adventure. Every trip is different and is new to me because, though I try, I can’t plan out every detail of the trip. No matter how much time I put into planning the trip, God will change my plan. That used to really bother me. I wanted to plan out everything, every detail, every minute.

I laugh when I think about the first mission trip I led. I had our daily itinerary all done and I was ready to do this thing. I had 21 people I brought with me that I was responsible for. So, the very first day, things happened and already my plan wasn’t working. We were on the Navajo Reservation and we were going to be a part of what they call a camp meeting. This is when they invite the community and people from other places on the reservation. They worship, pray, preach and eat! Well, this was my first time, so I had a lot to learn. We were told the service would start at 9:00 am. We planned, I got my group all ready, and we were in the outside arbor, ready to go! We waited, and we waited and waited. No one was there but us, all ready to go. Ha ha! So I wondered, "Did I get the time wrong?" My group asked, "Are you sure it was at 9:00?" I started doubting. Hmmm maybe he said 10? So finally, at about 9:30 am, the pastor showed up.

"Ok, we are ready!! Let's get going here." He said good morning to us all and just walked around like he had all the time in the world. What? What is he thinking? We need to get going. We have a schedule to keep. Lots to do today! I was getting frustrated.

Then a few others came. At about 10:15 am, the pastor started preaching. He had only us and two others there. As he preached, he preached in English and Navajo. It was so awesome. But I felt bad no one was there. Then, slowly, more came and, by then, it was 11:30 and more came. As the pastor continued to preach, others came. When I looked around at that point, it was full and he continued to preach. It was 1:00 pm and he still preached. Now I started wondering, when is he going to stop? We need to have lunch and then we need to do all the things that are on our to do list for the day. We are way behind schedule. The young people in our group didn’t seem to mind, but I did. "They must be hungry. I’m hungry! The pastor must be hungry. Come on pastor lets wrap this up." When he finally stopped, it was 2:00 pm. I was really anxious as he came up to me. He said, "Are you ok?" I said, "Yes, of course, I'm so happy to be here and loved the service." But, as I spoke, I was thinking that we had lots to do today. And shouldn’t we start lunch? He actually had a group of people fixing lunch for us while he had been preaching and they were serving lots of traditional foods. Exciting! But I wasn’t aware that he had a plan. I was very concerned. I looked at my watch for the hundredth time. The Pastor looked at me and his comment changed my life. He said “That watch of yours, you can just throw that away. You are on Navajo time now. We just go with the Spirit of God as He leads.” Wow, I would like to say I was always led by the Spirit of God. But I realized I had been led by my watch (Time). I want to be led by the Spirit of God. But we learn to watch the clock even when God is moving. We were on Navajo time, or God’s time, and doing things His way, not mine. Everything that God wanted done that day was completed and we had the best time of our lives.

So now, after 11 years, I love when I lead teams to the reservation. I get to watch newcomers looking at their watches and I just explain to them that we are on Navajo time. They look at me like….. "What?" And by the time they leave, they have learned what I was telling them. God shows them we are in His perfect timing if we will just relax and allow him to be in control. Quit worrying and trust Him.

“Therefore I tell you, do not worry about life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes? Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life? Matthew 6:25-27

I love to throw that out when I’m running behind at home too. I just say, "Sorry, I’m on Navajo time." I love that!  But what I really love is being on God’s time, on God’s adventure and not being able to control it because he is in control on every trip I take. He always has his own plan. Now, I love to watch and see what he has for us on each trip. I love His adventure in His time!

So back to my question: Do you just want to stay with the little? Or do you want the greater God has for you? Even if it means being on God’s time and not yours? Even if it takes you out of your comfort zone? Even if it seems like this is the craziest thing you have ever heard God say? Are you willing? Because I can tell you that, if you are willing, he WILL do the Greater. It will be an adventure you will never forget! Join me on aGod adventure. Join me on our next mission trip! It will change your life.

We have trips to the Navajo Reservation, South America, Haiti, Brooklyn, New York, and India.

"Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much…" ~ Luke 16:10a




Resolution or Transformation?

Posted by Tina kadolph on January 9, 2013 at 12:50 AM Comments comments (2)

As we jump into 2013, are you going make resolutions or are you going to be transformed instead? Let me explain my thoughts. You see, resolutions are usually about us and what we want. They are usually self-centered and about what we can do in our own strength, with us putting our commitment and dependence in ourselves. But on the other hand, transformation is Christ-centered. It is about allowing Christ to do His work through us--His will, not ours. It’s not about us but about Him. Transformation comes from the renewing of our minds by submersing ourselves in God's Word. Resolutions are usually about what we want changed on the outside. But transformation is about allowing God to change us on the inside. We surrender our will to the will of God. We allow the Holy Spirit to work through us. So let’s not trust in ourselves but trust in Him.

“Do not be conformed to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is-his good, pleasing and perfect will.” Romans 12:2

Let’s allow God to transform us and allow Him to do what's greater through us! We just have to step out and do it. So many times we say we can’t do that or God didn’t gift me with that gift. If you just sit and say you can’t, you will be right - YOU can’t. It’s because you are looking at what you can do in your own strength. For example, if you say “I’m not a writer” and, therefore, you never write, you will be correct. If, on the other hand, you say you can’t write but step out anyways, pray for God to help you write, and you start writing, you can become a writer. This will also show that it was all God and not you. He gets all the glory--not you. I’m not a writer and I’m not good at writing. But God has called me to promote the fight against human trafficking though writing. So, once again, I have stepped out of my comfort zone to be obedient to Him and save the lives of children. I’m relying totally on Him. I may not be good now but maybe one day, with His strength and guidance, I will be. I believe we are going to help save many. We have already rescued two children. I believe what Jesus said to all of us…”Jesus looked at them and said, 'With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God.'” So I’m stepping out in this New Year to be transformed from the inside out. How about you?

The more we allow the Holy Spirit to be in control, the more we will be transformed into the image of Christ. How cool is that! He transforms us into His image! And isn’t that what we really want? It's not for us to have a resolution to transform us into the image we think we should be, but into the image Christ wants us to be; more of Him, less of us. That’s how we show the world who Jesus is. We become His hands and feet as we are transformed more and more into His image. So this year, don’t make resolutions; instead, be transformed!

"You have put on the new self, which is being renewed in knowledge in the image of its Creator." ~ Col. 3:10

I want to be more like Him, to care for the hurting, broken, abused, and oppressed and to set the captives free. I know he has set me free and continues to rescue me from the pain and darkness I was once in. Now He has blessed me by letting me be a part of helping to rescue others that he is bringing to us through Love Missions and Dove Designs. He is allowing me to help stop the darkness of Human Trafficking. The only way to decrease darkness is to add light. And we need to be His light to the hurting world. I’m truly thankful to be shedding some light on this darkness!

May God transform you and me and guide us in this New Year to do Greater things for the Kingdom. Take the baby steps and let Him do the Greater thing in you and through you! Happy 2013! If you would like to be a part of this ministry to stop human trafficking, go to and like us on Facebook. See how you can make a difference. Thank you!


Posted by Tina kadolph on December 26, 2012 at 1:30 PM Comments comments (11)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Couldn’t wait to share the amazing “Greater” work God is doing!


“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.” ~ Romans 8:28 NIV


As I reflect on this verse, it is hard at times to think this way.

When we see the whole picture, we can look back and say "Wow, God worked this bad thing out for my greater in the end." But when we are in it, we don’t usually see that.


When I was 4, I was raped by a man that my mom was seeing. It's a long story, but the result was that I grew up feeling as if I had no hope. I felt like I was worthless, insecure, defeated, and depressed. I couldn’t see how this could ever be turned into my good. I didn’t understand how or why God would allow this to happen to me, let alone how I would be able to say all things worked together for my good.


But now, as bad as that was, I can say I see how God took this horrible experience and used it for my good. I bet you are wondering now, aren’t you???? It’s a really cool huge “God Greater” story.


A few weeks ago, I shared that God called my husband and I into missions. We have a small mission organization, “Love Missions”. Missions has been our lives, our loves. Our youngest was married and, a month later, they went into full time missions. We as a family have been doing mission work for 12 years now. Through these years God has done some great healing of my heart and has even helped me to forgive. This has been a process over many years but God has started showing me how this bad thing was going to be used for good.

I have gone to other countries to speak and share my testimony. I could have never dreamed this could happen to me or that my testimony could help other women. I’m not a speaker and I’ve never had much confidence in myself, so I can say it is all God. I gave my testimony in one of these countries and gave an alter call. Hundreds of woman came forward because they had gone through similar horrors. I was overwhelmed that God could use my testimony to show other woman His love and mercy and that, through Him, there could be forgiveness and hope. Only our amazing, loving God could do this. It not only showed these beautiful hurting ladies, but it showed me how he was always with me even in my darkest days!

This brings us to today. This past July, we went on one of our mission trips that we have taken every year for the past 7 years. This year, we found out something that was beyond our comprehension. Some of the children we have been ministering to had been sold into human trafficking! SEX SLAVERY!. My heart was more than broken for these beautiful girls. It brought me back to when I was four and the pain. One of the girls had been sold at the age of 7 years old. She had to do hard labor as well as have continual sex with the man who purchased her from her own mother. I understood, to a point, some of her pain. This is why these girls opened up to me; I had shared my testimony. Again, it was all God! All part of his big and Greater plan.

Do you know that the average child sold into sex slavery is 4 years old?  Did you know that, at any given time, these children might have as many as 40 men in line to abuse them in ways beyond our comprehension? Did you know that their average age life expectancy is 2 years? They die from abuse, disease, or drug over dose that is forced on them. Did you know that only 1 in a 100 are ever rescued because there are not enough of us doing anything to help? There can never be too many ministries that are helping battle this horrible evil. It is too big! Humans are trafficked more than drugs because criminals can only sell drugs once but they can sell a human over and over again.

Knowing what I now know, it was very clear that I couldn’t just go back and do VBS and pretend that this wasn’t going on. We had to do something. I couldn’t go to church, sit and talk about doing greater for God, and then not do anything for these victims, knowing what had happened to them or was still happening to others. But what could I do? This is so big and so horrible! So I prayed and prayed and God brought the answer.

I knew we needed to start a safe house and rescue children. What I didn’t know was how or where the money would come from. How could we build a house? It would cost so much. I knew God had all the money in the world, but it was still too big for me to grasp. So I needed more praying for God’s direction. I knew this was from Him and he would show me the way.

He told me to start small and not look at the big yet. I had just a few fish and a couple loves of bread to offer and was I willing to take that step of faith and offer what I had and let him do the rest.

The reason the study “Greater” came at the perfect time in my life is that it is all about what is happening in my life right now.

Finally, one morning as I was praying, it came to me (I know it was God). “Why wait to build? You can rent a house.” What? Rent? OH MY GOSH!!! Why didn’t I think of that? (Ha ha) Of course we can rent!!!"

I was so excited. To rent a house was doable. It wouldn’t take nearly as long to raise money to rent a house as it would to build. So again I prayed. Okay God. I will rent, but we will still have to raise money. Lord, show me. It was at this point that He reminded me of my friend and assistant in “Love Missions.” She had made jewelry and raised $1000.00 for her personal mission trip just a couple of months prior.

So that was the plan. We would start raising money to rent a house. I was willing to do whatever I needed to do to rescue Children and give them a safe place to live. We would make jewelry and sell it to support a safe house.

We immediately began making jewelry out of glass tiles (the ones my friend made) and necklaces made from dominos. Dominos are the perfect symbol for this project because of the domino effect. We are praying that, as we begin this project, many others will join in with us and will fall in line to make a change in the world, thus creating a domino effect. Together we will be saving lives, physically as well as eternally.

We planned a party to introduce God’s plan and to bring awareness to this evil of Human Trafficking. We would sell our jewelry to raise money for our first house. The fundraising ministry would be called Dove Designs. The dove was from the dove with Noah who brought back new life after the flood. We would be bringing new life.

But, as usual, God was way ahead of us. Before we had our first introduction party, we got the news that God had gaven us two houses. What?? Yes, we had two rental homes donated for our use for the next 2 years. Two homes!!! Not one! Two!!! Did you read what I said? God gave us two!! I was so shocked and amazed. We hadn’t even had a chance to ask for help and God was showing us we were on the right path. God was doing more than I could have asked or even dreamed or even hoped for. He was doing the greater! The big greater! The HUGE GREATER! Just what we had been learning in our study “Greater” by Steven Furtick.

So now, back to what I asked about how God would use what happened to me and make it into good? Can you see how he works? The experience I had gave me a heart for hurting woman and children. And now If I can be a part of telling them about Jesus and showing them he can heal their hearts like he did mine. If I can be a part of saving one life from what I have been through it will have been worth it.


“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.” ~ Romans 8:28 NIV


I love Him and have been called to His purpose. It is huge, but God is doing amazing things in this ministry already. I’m taking the baby steps and he is filling the gap, as Steven Furtrick says.

There is so much more and I know God is going to use me and he is going to bring others to help so that together, we can begin the domino effect. We can allow God to do Greater through us. Who will help? Who will he bring? Will it be you? I’m praying that through this study God will show you that you are to be a part of something Greater also!


Christmas is behind us with the New Year just around the corner. We think about our Savior who came to this earth as a baby and lived a life of love, healing, giving, and sacrifice. He then died on the cross for all of our sins in the ultimate act of love, healing, giving and sacrifice. This all leads me reflect. Are we living the life that He would want for us?

Through Christmas did we honor our Lord and Savior? Are we showing love, giving of ourselves and helping to heal the hurting in the world? Are we willing to really sacrifice even if it takes us way out of our comfort zone?

We must trust Him and step out in whatever he has called us to do. It will be different for each of us. But just be willing.


As the New Year approaches, let it be a new year of honoring our Savior.


Now the rest of the story…

I wrote this blog on Thursday Dec. 20th, but never got a chance to post it. On Friday, Dec. 21st, I was at the reveal party with my OBS sisters and I received a call informing me that our organization (Love Missions) has rescued our first child. She is 7 years old.

Again, God is moving faster than we planned. He does that a lot. (Lol) I had prayed God would allow me to be a part of saving one life and we have already saved one little, sweet child. I know it is just the beginning.

I began to write this on Thursday, pouring out my heart to my OBS sisters and Friday, even though I never posted it God answered my prayer.

I was able to share the news with my OBS sisters online at the very moment this all happened and already Lisa Kramp, and Melissa Taylor are asking how they can help. So many answers to prayer.

Our God is so much greater than we can even think or understand. Thank you to P31 ministries and OBS sisters and thank you, Steven Furtick, and the "Greater" book  for sharing this amazing journey with me and writing this book. I know God had this planned from the beginning. God is clearly doing greater. One child is safe!!! It is one of the greatest gifts I have ever been given. I believe that now those who were with me that night and those who will read this have been chosen by God to be a part of this special gift. Merry Christmas,

God’s blessings,

Love Tina


P.S. Since writing the update, we have found out we have not only saved one child, but two! Again, what more can I say about how great our God is? One 7 year old girl and one 8 year old boy. I’m truly speechless! So much more to share. But that will have to be later! 

Is This Thing On? Oh Yea!

Posted by Tina kadolph on December 9, 2012 at 12:20 AM Comments comments (4)

As I am reflecting on this study “Greater” it brings me back to the first time I felt God really speak into my life and turn my world upside down. Like Elisha, I was living my life in a regular routine. I was taking care of my kids, of course, and going to church when I wasn’t too tired to get out of bed, or allow some other activity to draw me away. Honestly, God and church hadn’t become a priority in my life.

The first time He really spoke to me was in 2000. I had taken a mission trip with my two daughters. To share complete honesty here, I didn’t really have a heart for missions. My husband and I would skip church the days we knew missionaries would be speaking. Another good reason to sleep in. Sad to say but true – God really does have a sense of humor doesn’t He?

Well, my two daughters were young and wanted to go with their youth group on a mission trip. It was a trip to Belize, and I knew I wouldn’t let them go out of the country without me, so I went along. That trip was a life changing moment for me. I knew God wanted to do something big in my life, and I knew it was going to be in missions. I also knew my husband would have to hear the same thing from God. That would be a miracle! He, like I said, wasn’t with us on the trip, and had no desire to be a part of missions. So I prayed “God, if this is really from you, you will put the same desire in my husbands heart." In early 2001 he went on his first mission trip to Honduras (first answer to my prayer) and we have been doing missions work together every since.

God answers prayers. It has been a crazy adventure, too long to write all the details in a short blog, but we have been many places in the world.

In 2002, we felt God directing us and we formed our own mission organization, “Love Missions,” and have been training teams and leading them around the world. How amazing is that? Now do you see why I feel God has a sense a humor? A family who thought they didn’t care about missions. A family that wasn’t very dedicated to God or church. And now their life is wrapped around missions! Don’t ever tell God what you do or don’t like. Ha ha.

The point here is that He can use anyone to do His will in this world. Even when you didn’t have a thought, let alone a desire to be a part of something. Like Steven Furtick says, you don’t have to be praying to have God grab you and use you to do something greater!

From this time on, not only did we take God seriously in our life (no more skipping church), besides starting a mission organization, my husband became a pastor. See what God can do with ordinary people just living an ordinary life, who are not really doing a whole lot for the Kingdom? Until God puts a cloak on your shoulders, as he did with Elisha, and pulls you out of the field to rock your world (1 Kings 19:19-21 - NIV), all we have to do is be willing.

We must burn our plows (the past), and move forward down the path God has planned for us. When I reference burning our plows, Elisha is our example. Elisha burned his plows and slaughtered his oxen so he couldn’t go back to his old life. When things got tough, he couldn’t run back, because there was nothing there to go back to. He had to keep moving forward in the direction God had for him. He burned his past and only had the unknown future with God. He had to walk in faith. That is hard for us. But we have to let go of the past in order to move on to the “greater” God has for us. We have to realize this life is not about what we want, but is about what God wants.

I finally came to the conclusion that life wasn’t about me – wow, big awakening – and realized we are on this earth to serve others and try to bless and make others lives better. I had lived in a self centered, self absorbed, depressed life. I can’t even say it was a life that was “good enough." God has called each of us to help others, love others as He loved us. “Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms." 1 Peter 4:10

So then God looked at me and said I have a “greater” life for you. Are you willing? And like Elisha, I ran after God and have been running full blast every since. I’ve burned some plows, but I know he still has a few more he wants me to burn. I’m ready for the next “greater” he has for me.

There is more to the story – this is only the beginning. God now has called me into something even greater, again. If I’m willing. And even as it seems too great for me, and even though I’m not worthy of this call, and it is scary to step out in faith. He again, wants “greater” for me. So I am choosing to burn the past and move forward into God’s greater.

I thank P31 ministry for this study and opportunity to share my “greater” life.

I can’t wait to share the next big “greater”.



Mediocrity or Something Greater?

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Thanksgiving was only a week ago. It is always such a wonderful time spent with family and friends. I look forward to that time. For me, it is usually just my kids and their husbands. If we hear of anyone who doesn’t have a place to go, we always invite them over. This year we had just one sweet young lady join us. It is a time we reflect on the things we are thankful for. I’m always thankful for time with my kids and my husband – it is always special. I don’t live close to my mom or my brothers, so it has been years since we have had Thanksgiving together. But, I look on Facebook and see so many, feeling like I do – thankful.


The next day, or actually Thursday night this year, the shopping frenzy happens. People forget that earlier in the day, or the day before, they were thankful for what they had. Now they need more! People are ready to stand in a long line, camp out, run people over, or even fight, punch, and hurt someone, just to get a new TV. Or, for that matter, to get anything they think they have to have.

A super deal, really? What happened when we were just sitting around the table together being thankful? I wonder what God thinks as he looks down on America. Those around the world wonder, "What is Black Friday?" I hope they never learn or understand. I don’t even understand.


Meanwhile, many hope for just a warm meal or a place to lay their heads, and they are truly thankful if they get those things. There are those who are being trafficked and are praying that someone would rescue them out of this horrible situation. They would just be thankful to be free, while we run around like crazy trying to get a good deal on our third television set. Where are our priorities? Where are our thankful hearts? Why don’t we put our money or time into the greater things of God?


I've just started to do a online Bible study called "Greater" by Steven Furtick. As I get more involved with the cause of stopping human trafficking, I know that this is greater than me. I saw this study and thought, "This looks like something I'd like to do."


I just don't want to be ordinary, living in mediocrity, living life for myself, or worrying about how I look on the outside. I don't want to be wishing I had a better house, or that I had a nicer car or thinking about how things aren't going the way I'd like them to go – which of course is my way. I don't want to be getting frustrated with people because, again, things aren't going the way I envision. Wishing I had more money to buy more gifts. I do love to give gifts to people.


But, when I think of the hurting people in the world and how we are living our lives, I wonder are we living the greater life God planned for us, or are we stuck in mediocracy. Is this pleasing to God? I'd have to say no. He doesn't worry about how we look on the outside, he looks at what is on the inside. He doesn’t care how big our house is or how nice our car is. He cares about the oppressed, broken, and hurting people of the world.


As I start the study of "Greater," I know God has called me to do greater things. For me, he has called me into missions and to help with the fight against human trafficking. It is way beyond what I can do. I am coming to God with just a couple of fish and a few loaves of bread. I’m waiting for God to fill the gap of what I have and where he is taking me. I’m waiting for Him to do greater in and through me. Thank you, Lord, and Steven Furtick for this timely study, at this exact time of my life.


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I'm leading an online Bible study with Proverbs 31 Ministries called "Greater" by Steven Furtick. I wanted to invite anyone who would like to be a part of something greater to join this study. To join the study, all you have to do is go to Melissa Taylor's online blog and sign up. If you want to be in my group, you just have to let them know. The study starts Monday, November 26th. I will be blogging about this study since I feel it is going to take something greater than me to stop human trafficking. I want to be that person who does something greater with her life than what I see around me in this world. How about you? You can join me or just watch for my post about the study. Thank you!

Why We Care - And Why We Hope You Will To

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Human Trafficking is one of the world’s greatest evils. It is the second largest organized crime in the world, next only to drugs. If caught trafficking humans, the sentence is less than if you are caught trafficking drugs. But, human trafficking is more profitable to criminals than any other crime. A person or child can be used over and over again. There are more slaves today than at any other time in history! Shocking right? Most of us don’t know much about this evil. We actually would probably rather pretend it doesn’t exist because it is too ugly to comprehend. But if we all pretend it is not happening then children and woman will continue to be oppressed and abused and sold to the scum of the earth.

We didn’t know much about human slavery until almost a year ago. But now that we have become aware, we can’t stop being a voice for those who have no voice. In July of this year we went on a trip to South America and were faced with young people we had worked with in youth ministry and children’s ministry that had been trafficked. When it is right in your face you can’t pretend it doesn’t exist. That’s what happened to us and now we can’t ignore it and we must help to stop this horrific evil. “To do nothing in the face of evil is to become part of that evil." (Author unknown) We want no part of this evil other than to stop it.

This kind of slavery and abuse goes on all over the world, including in the United States. Children are sold from two years old on up. The average age in foreign countries is four years old. In the United States, the national average is eleven years old, and in Florida it is nine years old. 10,000 to 30,000 American children are taken in and out of the United States and sold into slavery. We have to do something. They are taking our children and using them for sex, drugging them, and then disposing of them as if they were garbage. Life expectancy for these children is only two years, as they die of disease, abuse, or drug over dose at the hands of their traffickers.

Has that sunk in? These children, our children here and around the world, are taken for sex and hard labor. This could be your child or your grandchild. If it was, wouldn’t you do everything you could to rescue them? This is sickening and heart breaking, and It must be stopped! Why aren’t we doing more? Maybe we just don’t understand. I hope after you read, and become more aware of this horror, you will do anything and everything to help stop this evil. Human beings, children and women, are being entangled in this daily horror. They are praying that someone, anyone, will come rescue them. They need help! Will you help?

We have a way you can help. Even if we rescue just one person it will be worth it! But I believe God has a bigger plan than that.

So, we started praying about how we could help! Before we could even begin we were donated two rescue houses in another country. This is totally amazing in a third world country! So we are now in the process of raising $3000 for repairs that need to be done, so we can begin taking in children and women. Then we will have on going expenses of security, food, counseling, training, etc. Our first phase is in South America. The house will be called the “Rapha House” ('Rapha' means 'healing' in Hebrew, so it is "the healing house"). The second house will be called the “Butterfly House,” for when those we help at Rapha House are transformed into what God created them to be; not slaves, but the beautiful children and women that they were meant to be – filled with hope and a future! We also hope, in the future, to have houses in the United States and more around the world, as God provides.

So how can you help? There are three ways! Please take note, this part is very important!

  1. Host parties in their houses, churches, and schools, and to let us speak and sell our jewelry.
  2. Donate to a project or donate an old cell phone.
  3. Join us on one of our life changing trips!

If we can’t keep this going, we won’t have the money we need to move forward. So thank you for caring enough to be one of the voices for the voiceless, stepping out, and making a life saving difference. This is probably one of the most important causes you will hear about.

So shop, book a party, and help stop this evil. Spread the word to whoever will listen! Even if they won’t listen, still speak! It’s too important to keep our mouths shut. :)

You can also like us on our Facebook page and keep up to date on what is happening with this project. Thanks again for your help and support.




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