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Mediocrity or Something Greater?

Posted by Tina kadolph on December 1, 2012 at 12:45 AM

Thanksgiving was only a week ago. It is always such a wonderful time spent with family and friends. I look forward to that time. For me, it is usually just my kids and their husbands. If we hear of anyone who doesn’t have a place to go, we always invite them over. This year we had just one sweet young lady join us. It is a time we reflect on the things we are thankful for. I’m always thankful for time with my kids and my husband – it is always special. I don’t live close to my mom or my brothers, so it has been years since we have had Thanksgiving together. But, I look on Facebook and see so many, feeling like I do – thankful.


The next day, or actually Thursday night this year, the shopping frenzy happens. People forget that earlier in the day, or the day before, they were thankful for what they had. Now they need more! People are ready to stand in a long line, camp out, run people over, or even fight, punch, and hurt someone, just to get a new TV. Or, for that matter, to get anything they think they have to have.

A super deal, really? What happened when we were just sitting around the table together being thankful? I wonder what God thinks as he looks down on America. Those around the world wonder, "What is Black Friday?" I hope they never learn or understand. I don’t even understand.


Meanwhile, many hope for just a warm meal or a place to lay their heads, and they are truly thankful if they get those things. There are those who are being trafficked and are praying that someone would rescue them out of this horrible situation. They would just be thankful to be free, while we run around like crazy trying to get a good deal on our third television set. Where are our priorities? Where are our thankful hearts? Why don’t we put our money or time into the greater things of God?


I've just started to do a online Bible study called "Greater" by Steven Furtick. As I get more involved with the cause of stopping human trafficking, I know that this is greater than me. I saw this study and thought, "This looks like something I'd like to do."


I just don't want to be ordinary, living in mediocrity, living life for myself, or worrying about how I look on the outside. I don't want to be wishing I had a better house, or that I had a nicer car or thinking about how things aren't going the way I'd like them to go – which of course is my way. I don't want to be getting frustrated with people because, again, things aren't going the way I envision. Wishing I had more money to buy more gifts. I do love to give gifts to people.


But, when I think of the hurting people in the world and how we are living our lives, I wonder are we living the greater life God planned for us, or are we stuck in mediocracy. Is this pleasing to God? I'd have to say no. He doesn't worry about how we look on the outside, he looks at what is on the inside. He doesn’t care how big our house is or how nice our car is. He cares about the oppressed, broken, and hurting people of the world.


As I start the study of "Greater," I know God has called me to do greater things. For me, he has called me into missions and to help with the fight against human trafficking. It is way beyond what I can do. I am coming to God with just a couple of fish and a few loaves of bread. I’m waiting for God to fill the gap of what I have and where he is taking me. I’m waiting for Him to do greater in and through me. Thank you, Lord, and Steven Furtick for this timely study, at this exact time of my life.

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Reply Catherine Shepard
10:13 AM on December 1, 2012 

What a lovely blog. And your vision God has given you is amazing. I will be praying as you take your small steps into the greater life God has laid before.

OBS Group Leader
Reply Erin Cuomo
10:19 AM on December 1, 2012 
Thank you Tina for sharing your feelings and observations relating to Greater and the society in which we live. I agree with you regarding the hypocrisy of Thanksgiving followed by Black Friday and how many millions of people throw the "values" of the previous day out the window to be greedy and get the best deal. It makes me sad for our country and for Christianity in general. I applaud you in your steps toward "something greater", in your case human trafficking. I will keep you in my prayers as you allow God to work through you for a greater cause.
Reply Beth
10:19 AM on December 1, 2012 
So true! I don't need more stuff, I need more Jesus, and more of a heart for people! What a great cause you are advocating for. It's awful what human beings can do to each other.
Reply Terry Roseberry
10:23 AM on December 1, 2012 
Tina, so very Blessed by your post and I too want to be more like Christ reaching into our world! Keep on Keepin on and know beyond all doubt how very much your Lord loves you!
Reply Veronica Herzing
10:43 AM on December 1, 2012 
LOVE this post Tina. Thank you for stepping out and sharing it.
Reply carol murphy
5:45 PM on December 1, 2012 
Tina, I loved reading this!
Reply Billie
6:51 PM on December 1, 2012 
Thanks for writing this! Looking forward to more posts from you :)
Reply Debbie W.
9:51 PM on December 1, 2012 
Tina you did great! Love it and exactly my feelings this time of the year. And God has been showing me this year all those little things I take for granted that are really big things he has blessed me with. Greater - that's what I wanna be. Love this post! Keep it up.
Reply Sue Molitor
3:23 PM on December 2, 2012 
Hey Tina, you are a good writer. Great first blog. I can tell you have a heart for the hurting. I pray God will give you the means to help those you desire to help.

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