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Are You Wired?

Posted by Tina kadolph on February 11, 2013 at 7:10 PM

Quit taking control. God wants His job back.

If anyone would ask me if I was a control freak I’d honestly have to say…. Sometimes, depending on the circumstance. So, I took the quiz that was in our bible study “Let It Go” Chapter 1.


In the quiz I tested out at 28, which scored me in the middle. It says “You vacillate between being agreeable and easygoing at times and, in some situations, wanting to take charge”.

I’d say that what I thought about myself was right. I do go back a forth.

The thing is, even though I’m not the bossy type, I realized that I have a big problem with giving God control.


I know I want to give God control. But I think there is a part of me that doesn’t trust Him to have control.


After the quiz, I was thinking about this and there are probably many reasons for us wanting to control. As Karen Ehman says in her book, “Let it go.” "Women are just wired that way. We have a family to run and make sure everyone is where and when they should be. Agenda’s to figure out, meals to schedule, school events, church events, sports, oh, and work, etc. etc. It is easy for us, when it comes to other things in our lives, to just take control.” We can even think we are taking control for good reasons like our food, exercise, our finances, etc. But, again, when we are not trusting God, we take things into our own hands. Then, there are past hurts; you control to protect yourself, not trusting others, and this, as I said above, may even be God. Yes, I know we aren’t suppose to say we don’t trust God. But I think there are many of us that say with our mouth we trust Him. But then in our actions we don’t. We are not alone. There are women who are perfect examples of this in the bible so we are in good company.


One Good example in the bible is Sarai, Abrams wife. God had made promises to Abram that he would make his descendants into a great nation. God had said to Abram “You will have a son of your own and everything you have will be his. They both had seen God’s promises come true. They had gone where God told them to go and had faith even though they didn’t know where he was going to send them. They packed up and left as God directed. They left nothing behind to return to.

But then, when they settled, Sarai still didn’t have children. So she decided to take control. She decided that she had a better plan than God. SHE TOOK GOD’S JOB.

Have you done this? Got tired of waiting on God? Thought that He must have forgotten what you prayed for? "He must be too busy right now, so I’ll do it on my own, my way?"

This was Sarai! To make a long story short, Sarai gave the servant Hagar to her husband so she would get her a child one way or the other. Crazy, huh? But sometimes we do some crazy things to keep control. Or we think it is control but we are actually out of control. So once Hagar was pregnant what did she do? Was Sarai happy? Excited that she would have the child she wanted? Isn’t this what she planned for? Again, when we take control and we think we will have it just the way we want, it usually backfires, even when we think we are taking control for a good reason. It's like Sarai… She really thought having a baby would be the best thing for her life. But when it falls apart who do we blame? Ourselves? Well let’s look at the Bible again.

Gen. 16:5 says, "And Sarai said to Abram, “May the wrong done to me be on you!" What? The wrong done to her? She is the one who took matters into her own hands. Now, she blames Abram and Hagar. We take the control we thought we wanted and then we are still not happy. So then, we want to put the blame on someone else.

Do you see yourself here? We take God out of the picture and then when things don’t work out we start the blame game. Does this remind you of someone else?

Gen. 3:11-13--Remember Eve blaming the serpent for eating the apple? First, Adam said, “It was the fault of the woman that YOU gave me." Then Eve said that it was the serpent’s fault. We don’t want to admit that we made a bad decision and took control away from God.


So, why do we think we can do God’s job? Let’s learn to trust the One whoknows us better then we know ourselves. Then, let’s let God have his job back and let’s do ours. What is our job? Well that is seeking Him and His desire for our lives. Letting Him have control. I know it’s been way too long trying it my way. And it never works when I do it my way. So I’m ready to let go! How about you?





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Reply marilyn
9:09 AM on February 12, 2013 
Oh thanks for sharing, I can relate to so much you have said. How being hurt by people you trust and then questioning God why did He let this happen, wasn't I doing what He wanted. Learning to trust people is ongoing. The fear remains will I be hurt but then I need to Trust God that He will be there with me.
Reply Jenny
10:10 PM on February 19, 2013 

Thank you for sharing! Trust is something I am struggling with right now. I don't trust God completely and this is impairing my relationship with Him. My goal this year is to lean on God more and trust Him! There have been times where I have been so alone and had to lean on myself to get through that difficult situation...each time I have done that, the outcome has never been good. Recently, I have let God run the show and the outcome was way better!

Jenny, Group 41

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