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Home Parties

What Is a Home Party?

First of all, home parties don't have to just be in your home. You can host a home party in your school, church, club, or any other meeting place for your organization! Home parties are unique. There are few to no other events like this!

Home parties are opportunities for Love Missions and Dove Designs to come and speak about human trafficking: what it means, how prevalent it is, who the victims are, what Love Missions is doing to fight it, and how you can help! Tina Kadolph or another Dove Designs consultant will also talk about the safe houses Love Missions is currently building in Guyana. You will learn how you can personally help fight sex trafficking and provide the means for healing for the rescued. You can help us "heal the broken, one heart at a time."

Afterwards, you and your friends can browse Dove Designs' display and shop for jewelry. Dove Designs specializes in handmade and beautifully decorated domino necklaces and also sell bracelets and earrings.

These home parties are essential to Dove Designs because they provide the majority of our funds for Love Missions' safe houses. When you host a home party, you not only support Dove Designs and Love Missions, but are also blessing the lives of Guyanese children who have been rescued from sex trafficking. 

How Do I Host a Home Party?

First, if you want to invite Dove Designs to your church or organization, talk to your leaders and work with them to make this happen. If you have already spoken to your church's or organization's leadership or if you want to invite us to your personal home, then go to the Contact Us Page in order to book your event. If you have specifics in mind, please let us know so we can work with you to see them happen. Be sure you indicate what date, time, and location you desire for your home party.

Be sure to have a couple dollars handy so you can buy some of our handcrafted jewelry. It makes great gifts! You will have a fun time making memories with family and friends while learning how you can be a world changer!

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