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Rapha Houses

Rapha Houses

The word "rapha" in Hebrew means "to heal." That is why our God is "Jehovah Rapha," the God who heals! Our God's healing grace is what inspired us to name our safe houses "rapha houses." It is in these houses that children rescued from the sex slave industry will learn about Jesus and find shelter, food, clothing, education, friends, and, above all, love.


More information about the work God is doing for a Rapha House will be coming soon! Be sure to check back for the exciting developments that will be forthcoming, including news on the two houses that have been donated to us in South America, to become our first Rapha Houses! 

Phase #1 Rapha House: Renovations

We just got back the end of July from working on our houses. God is doing great things! As of now, these houses will be able to shelter twenty children. We are deep into the renovations and are now working on two additions to make the houses more comfortable for the children. We are now in need of an additional $5,000.00. If you feel God is leading you to give. Please go to our donation button at the top of the page and donate towards this wonderful cause. Thank you for helping rescue children that have been trafficked and sexually exploited. Check out our pictures below!

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